BDGA 2019 Pennant Season

Sunday 11th we played Virginia at home and again fort hard but went down 14 to 7, the opens lost 4.5 to 6.5, Masters had another draw 2.5 to 2.5 and the juniors lost 0 to 5, the season for our juniors has been a tough one to date with only 5 juniors available the first week, and then only being able to field 3 each other week. We are very proud of those players that attended the games and represented Jindalee so well done all, the last game is this week where we travel to Sandgate.

Sunday 4th Aug we returned to Jindalee for our home game against McLeod and after the previous outing, we were hoping for a little more of a fight on home soil. And fight we did with a 13,5 to 7.5 loss, although we still lost the match we finished much stronger the Opens lost the day 5 to 6, Masters had a draw 2.5 to 2.5 and the juniors lost 0 to 5 still a much better effort overall.

Sunday 28th we travelled to McLeod, it was not a memorable day as we went down on the day 0 - 21 our biggest defeat ever, we had 3 games go to the 18th but just couldn't find even a draw, well done to McLeod it was a very good win for them.

Sunday 21st we played Virginia at Virginia, it was a tough day with the team going down 16.5 to 4.5, the Opens lost 10 - 1, the Juniors suffered the same result losing 5 - 0, however, our older team the Masters won 3.5 to 1.5 for the first away win against Virginia in our short history. Well done at all the players, we welcomed 2 new players this week with James Haining in the Opens and Ambrose Cornford in the Juniors, Next week we play another tough match as we talk on old rivals Mcleod at Mcleod, good luck to all the players

 Pennant 4  


Sunday 14th July was the first round of the pennant season for the 2019 season, It was nice this year to introduce two new players to the team with Nick Murray and Simon Taylor. Both did well for there first games with wins.

Pen 3                       Pen 1    

The team consists of the following players

Opens: Zeb Berg, Adam De-Ath, Marc Roberts, James Haining, Lucas Chisari, Phoenix Noffke, Clyde McIlroy, Brett Warren, Cameron Apps, Steve Gordon, Simon Taylor, Scott Vogler, Nick Murray.

Masters: Ken Hook, Stephen Jedrisko, Kel Hirini, Stephen Gooding, Darren Hines, Barry Lawrence, David Apps.

Juniors: Coleman Cornford, Zac Farmer, Benji Schefe, Blake Vukson

The team manager is Life Member and BDGA Treasurer, Mr Ross Greene,


We opened our season with a 17 / 4 victory over long-time opposition in division 4 Sandgate. The matches were played in great spirit.

The course and clubhouse were present fabulously, and lunch supplied by Border Grill was exceptional, thanks again to all those that make pennants at Jindalee such an experience irrespective of the result.


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